Robotics & Engineering Camp in London

🎯 Awaken the inventor in you!

Learn Arduino from Yonca Kurt, the author of Arduino Projects for Teachers and Arduino Projects for Students books. Experience, learn, and make new friends in London, the dynamic, economic, cultural, and cosmopolitan capital. Create your very own robotics project by the end of this amazing summer camp. 

📍 Location: London / 1 Blackfriars Bridge, London SE1 9UD

📅 Date:

☀️ Summer Camps:

Option 1: 24th – 30th June 2024

Option 2: 8th – 14th July 2024

Option 3: 12th – 18th August 2024

👤 Age: 15 – 17

🚨 Class size: Maximum 14 students
Places are limited and sell out quickly, so it is important to book a place as soon as possible.

🏷️ Course Fee: £1,950
(include lunch, Arduino Project Kit)

🏩 Accommodation (Optional): London Blackfriars Premier Inn Hotel
Room (Include Breakfast and Dinner): £1,400
An accommodation depends on the choice you make during your application.

Length: 1 week

🎓 Receive: Graduation Certificate & Letter of Recommendation 

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

🚀 Learning style: Project-based learning

🛠 Course Requirements:
* Tech Study UK Arduino Kit (included as part of the course)
* Windows PC or MacBook (bring your own device)🏩


In an era where information is easily accessible, the key to success lies in experiential learning, embracing life, dreaming big, nurturing curiosity, being industrious, and fearlessly embracing mistakes. Realizing your true potential is possible by translating your curiosity and dreams into action. Joining this exciting robotics summer camp requires no technical knowledge! Enthusiasm and excitement are all you need! We guarantee that your excitement will escalate as you learn!


What are we going to do at this camp?

In this camp, you’ll get hands-on with the basics of Arduino and learn how to code in the C programming language. Challenge yourself with Arduino tasks designed to teach you the essentials of robotics. We don’t just cover theory; we dive into practical, real-world applications. You’ll gain hands-on experience working with sensors, modules, motors, and various circuit components.

From simple to complex Arduino projects, you’ll discover how to use sensors, modules, motors, and other circuit elements. Unleash your creativity and turn your Arduino knowledge into new projects.

We strongly believe that the best way to learn is by doing.

Engage in a variety of projects, from automating Bluetooth robotics cars to delving deep into programming and engineering using the versatile Arduino microcontroller. Your learning experience will be filled with hands-on projects and meaningful accomplishments.

Learn fundamentals
Experience it by doing
Proud of yourself!
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Do it together
Invent your own project
Have Fun!
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We are working at the heart of London!


They did it, and so can you!

Even if you have no experience with Robotics, we will guide you through everything from the first principles. Starting slowly, then building on what you learn, you’ll soon have a solid working knowledge of Arduino.

We make learning robotics easy and fun by leading you step-by-step through the process of creating projects.  

Summer Camp Certificate

You will get your signed Arduino Book by Yonca!

  • After this learning experience, you will have the power to create your project and you can participate in international robotics competitions!

  • Also, we have a present for you! A signed Arduino project book from the author.

  • Not finished yet? There will be lots of great evening activities and after-classes for you!


Yonca Kurt is the founder of Tech Study UK. 

In 2017, she and her students represented Turkey in the Canada Wide Science Fair. Two projects were completed which won two gold medals.

In 2019, she and her students again represented Turkey in the International RoboRAVE Competition in Poland, delivering a robotics project from which a third gold medal was achieved.

In 2017 and 2020, she was selected among the most successful female educators of the year in the Women’s Leaders of Technology Competition organized by Microsoft.

She attended programming training organized by Stanford University in 2014 and 2015.

She provides APCS-A, APCS-P, GCSE, A-Level Computer Science preparation lessons. She is also an official IB Teacher. She has taken part in an official IB trainer session in Berlin, in 2020.

Additionally, she provides private coding lessons to high school students and university students and she has private students from all over the world.

From the USA: Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, and more…

From the UK: UCL, Imperial College London, Royal Holloway University, University of Surrey, Nottingham Trend University.

From Germany: Ludwig Maximillian’s University

and more…

Besides that, she provides private coding lessons to high school students studying in different countries from the UK, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and more.

She has published four books, inspiring Students and Teachers alike. She published the Coding and Robotics books , “Maker Educator with Projects” and “Maker Student Education with Projects” and also a further two books to help teachers with distance learning, “Distance Education Must” and “Google Passwords in Education”.

Yonca Kurt, who provides training and mentorship to both teachers and students in the fields of Maker, robotics, and programming, has been an expert for many years on how technology education is delivered and has developed curriculums for several age groups. Within the scope of the academy, of which she is the founder, she took the Maker Trainer training further and started the Advanced Maker Training. Again, she developed the Raspberry Pi & Python Physical Programming Instructor Training program for the first time in Turkey and took the training to the next level. Besides her coding training, she provides technology training consultancy to leading institutions in the sector and system installation consultancy for maker & robotics workshops.

for more information about the instructor please click here


The camp is held at Tech Study UK, one of the UK’s leading tech education schools, and includes lunch, training, equipment.

TSL_Summer Class Schedule

Once you book a place using our online booking form, you will be sent payment options. Choose the option that works best for you. Following your selection, you will receive an invoice.

Bank Transfers

You can make a bank transfer to us. You will find our bank details on your invoice.

Credit Card Payment

If you choose to make a payment with a credit card, you will receive a payment email with an invoice. Simply click the “Pay” button and follow the instructions.



An initial payment of £500 should be made to secure your booking and the final payment is due at least eight weeks before your summer camp starts.

Once paid, fees are non-refundable. 

If you re coming to the UK from another country to participate in our Summer Camp, you may need to obtain a Standart Visitor Visa.

Once we receive your initial payment, you can request a visa support letter from us. We will email this letter to you without charge.

If you need a visa, you should apply for a Standart Visitor Visa up to three months before your planned travel date to the UK. Visa processing typically takes about three weeks, but this duration may vary depending on your country. It is best to apply as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot refund fees if you do not receive your visa on time.


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Damla Yar
Damla Yar
8 months ago

It was an honor to have participated in this one week program which included numerous interactive lessons, and group and individual robotics projects. I gained practical experience by working with sensors, modules, motors, and many more circuit elements. I examined projects in automation while exploring programming and engineering using the Arduino microcontroller. Although one week is a very brief period to learn something new from scratch, I personally think that the Yonca teacher managed to break down this challenging course into parts in terms of different sub topics such as the integration of modules and other codes and therefore created a learning experience that was comprehensible and enjoyable for everyone. During this challenging course, we also formed meaningful friendships and fostered a strong synergy within the group. 

School Name
Enka Schools
Ali Nemli
Ali Nemli
8 months ago

I am very delighted to have had the chance to be in the Robotics and Engineering camp and experience the outstanding but also very entertaining teaching Ms Yonca has given to us students. I personally at first didn’t think much about it, but directly from the first day I knew the course would be a blast with tons of new interesting stuff to learn with different project ideas I never thought of before. We went through different sections of robotics each day and learned how to program a chip-like device called the Arduino and attach other devices onto it, and program the attachments to do whatever we wished. It would have been difficult to learn about the programming and linking the devices to each other, but Ms Yonca had planned about each process carefully and allowed us to grasp the knowledge with ease. The course wasn’t only based on the robotics but other exciting activities which I won’t spoil, and allow you to experience it yourselves. Overall the course was very fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in computing, robotics, and engineering.

School Name
Ashmole Academy
Alp Karagül
Alp Karagül
7 months ago

It was a very nice and enjoyable experience. Although me and my friends didn’t have much to do with robotic coding, we started learning and improving from the very first days. The activities we did outside of class were just as fun, and we also had the chance to explore London as a class. I would recommend this experience to everyone.

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