Video Editing With Adobe Premier Pro

Format: Online / live

Date/Time: Please check the Event page

Duration: 2 lessons per week for 12 weeks

Age: High School / University +

Skill Level: Beginner

Learning style: Project based learning

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

Certificate:Official Tech Study London Video Editing With Adobe Premier Pro Certificate

Quota: 10 participants

Online Course Requirements:

  1. Windows PC or MacBook
  2. Adobe Premiere CC and Adobe Media Encoder installed on your computer
  3. Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

Course Description: 

With the developing technology, the effect of visual communication becomes more important; it enables individuals to express themselves more clearly. Video and animations combine visual communication with motion and sound, making it possible to share messages more effectively. This course provides an important background for students who want to work in areas such as visual communication design and multimedia.

Video Editing course will teach you the essential skills needed for editing your videos, creating audiovisual projects by combining assembly, sound – music and typography objects. First of all, we will start to know our basic concepts of video editing such as “target audience”, “copyright”, “storyboards”. Then we will touch on a few basic details that we need to know in order to shoot professional videos, and we will talk about camera movements and shot types. Next, we’ll dig deeper into Adobe Premiere and learn how to make great videos using soundtracks / sound effects and typography.

When you complete this course, you can prepare your own short films or documentaries, produce content for social media, and prepare creative green screen projects. Course outcomes and content are prepared in line with the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). With the knowledge gained in this course you may take the ACA certification exams and demonstrate your proficiency in Adobe’s industry-leading Creative Cloud apps for video, design, photography and the web.


  • Working in The Video Industry
    • Basic Terms: purpose of the project, audience, target audience, client
    • Basic Concepts: Copyright, permissions, and licensing
    • Key terminology related to digital audio and video
    • Basic design principles and best practices employed in the video industry
  • Project Setup and Interface
    • Project Settings
    • Using Workspaces
    • Video Workflow
    • Importing Assests
  • Organizing Video Projects
    • Using Timeline
    • Basic Track Visibility and Audio Levels
  • Creating and Modifying Visual Elements
    • Core Tools for Editing Video and Audio
    • Modifying and Animating Titles
    • Trimming the Footage
    • Effect Controls
    • Managing Audio
  • Publishing Digital Media
    • Preparing Composition for Publishing to Web, Screen and Other Digital Devices
    • Exporting Digital Video

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