Raspberry-Pi & Python Physical Programming

Program: 2 lesson per week for 8 weeks

Course time: After school / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Advanced

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

Learning style: Project based learning

Certificate: Official Raspberry-Pi& Python Physical Programming Training Certificate

Course Requirements:

  1. Tech Study London Raspberry-Pi Kit (will be provided to the participants by us)
  2. Mac, Windows PC

Final Project: At the end of the training, all participants will be entitled to receive a certificate by making their own final projects.

Course Description: Our training program for anybody who wants to use the Raspberry-pi to create innovative ioT projects. And it’s for all adults who want to take a step in developing projects by programming Raspberry-pi. You will also be able to produce your own projects by activating your imagination. We will share teaching methods with you and always support you in your learning journey.

As a graduate of this program you will also be a member of Tech Study London community and receive a copy of the Classroom resources.


  • Throughout the training, you will first learn how to install Raspberry by experiencing it the easiest.
  • In the training that will continue with basic linux commands and console usage, you will also have tips for developing solutions to problems that may occur while using RaspberryPi.
  • Before moving on to project development, you will learn the basics of the Python programming language by experiencing different project examples.
  • In the training that will continue with the use of the Raspbian operating system, with a project-based curriculum, engine, sensors, etc., using the Python programming language. You will learn to use electronic tools with Raspberry-Pi.
  • You will also combine your circuit with Makey Makey and Arduino, learn by doing the easiest techniques for developing Raspberry-Pi projects, and meet tips on mentoring your students on this journey.

Level up and innovate!


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