Python Coding Camp

Ages: 17+

Program :

  1. 3 lesson per week for 6 weeks (weekdays)
  2. 8 hours per day for 2 days (weekend)

Course time: Weekdays evening / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

Certificate: Official Tech Study London Python Programming Achievement Certificate

Online Course Requirements:

  1. Windows PC or MacBook
  2. Coding environment is online
  3. Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

Course Description: 

Discover the power of coding by learning the Python programming language, the world’s most popular programming language!

Develop your own software at the end of the project-based training.

Coding skills are among the most demanded competencies in today’s job market. Experience the real world with this introduction to computational thinking! After learning the basics, you will experience how to apply your coding knowledge to algorithms. You’ll start coding with Python, the world’s fastest growing programming language, then move on to object-oriented concepts. As your understanding of coding deepens, you’ll discover how to create more advanced programs with graphics. With these basics, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your future coding challenges!

In this course, learn the foundations of programming and how to code in Python and gain computational thinking skills. You’ll complete coding challenges to learn the basics of programming.  We don’t just cover the fundamental concepts, but also hands-on, real-life application cases. 

As a graduate of this program you will also be a member of Tech Study London community and receive a copy of the Classroom resources.


  • Algorithms
  • Basic structure of programming languages ​​(similarities)
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Assignment Procedures
  • Mathematical Operators, Logical Comparisons
  • Lists
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Decision Structures
  • Functions
  • Recursion in Functions
  • Modules
  • Inheritances
  • Classes and Objects
  • File Handling
  • Object-based programming
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)

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  1. Because l had no idea on this field, it has become a profitable kind of education.From the vision of this educator , she must have loved her job and the subjects taught are to a large extent impressive and surprising ,l will definitely recommend a trial to you all, do not say “what could l learn” take a step and try it out , it will be easy and very fast “learning python language makes you feel good!”

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