Online Python Coding

2 thoughts on “Online Python Coding”

  1. Can Erözer 22 October 2021

    I have learned the Python coding language from Yonca teacher that I will see throughout the university. After understanding the basic syntax of  Python, I learned how to approach problem-solving algorithms that we can classify from simple to difficult. In this process, I have laid a solid foundation not only in Python, but also in computer programming, by pondering various sample of coding questions. I was able to adapt very easily thanks to the basics I gained from Yonca teacher while transitioning to other programming languages such as Java during my university years.

  2. Deniz San 22 October 2021

    I’m Deniz San, I’m studying Biological Sciences at Imperial College London and I have learned a Phyton programming course from Yonca Hoca. Thanks to her, I improved my knowledge of Phyton by learning extra subjects as well as my school’s curriculum and gained comprehensive knowledge. Thanks to the fun events, I was more interested in programming than I would have guessed, thanks to Yonca Teacher. 🙂

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