One thought on “IB COMPUTER SCIENCE”

  1. Armağan Karakaş 22 October 2021

    I wanted to take java lessons from her at the beginning, but she directed me to robotics. She said it would be a much more fun start for me. Our lessons were very entertaining and informative. We did many projects together and had a lot of fun. Now I understand that the fact that my Yonca teacher directed me to Robotics helped me a lot in my love of this field. I had a project in my mind that I dreamed of. I was able to complete this project thanks to the lessons I took from my teacher Yonca and the support she gave me throughout the whole process, and with this project, I won first place in an international robotics competition. Thanks to this project, I took part in important media such as Fortune 40 and Bloomberg. Thanks to my teacher Yonca, I realized that I was interested in this field and that I wanted to choose this field as a profession in the future. I am currently studying at Koç High School in the 11th grade in the IB program and I am taking the Computer Science course at a high level. Next year, I will apply to good universities in America from the field of computer science and I think that the courses I took from my teacher Yonca had a great share in my being accepted and studying this profession abroad.

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