Google Certified Educator Level 2 Training

Program: 2 lessons per week for 8 weeks

Course time: After school / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Prerequisite: To be familiar with the Google Workspace family

Learning style: Interactive Q&A sessions, mini projects, collaboration

Certificate: Official Tech Study London “Google Workspace for Education” Certificate

Course Requirements:

  1. Google Account (either personal or school account)
  2. Mac, Windows PC

Course Description:

Google Workspace for Education Level 2 course for those who have already used Google Workspace tools in their classroom and want to take it one step further. We will move forward and specialize in learning models, analyze student data, and create an interactive curriculum. 

After you complete this course, you will learn technical skills to pass the Google Educator Level 2 exam. By gaining the certificate you can demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom and earn a badge that helps you stand out on your resume, portfolio, website, and more.


We will use the Google Workspace for Education tools and learn how we can model the effective use of digital tools, leverage learning models to personalize learning, use advanced features, personalize guardian outreach, analyze and interpret student data, organize school materials more effectively, design interactive curricula.

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