Arduino & Robotics Course

Ages: 14-17

Program : 2 lesson per week for 5 weeks

Course time: After school / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

Learning style: Project based learning

Certificate: Official Tech Study London  Arduino&Robotics Achievement Certificate

Course Requirements:

  1. Tech Study London Arduino Kit (will be provided to the participants by us)
  2. Mac, Windows PC (Bring your own device)

Course Description: 

Awake the inventor in you!

​​The projects you can develop with Arduino are limited by your imagination! 

In our age where information is so accessible, the key to success is; learning by doing, living, dreaming, being curious, working hard and not being afraid of making mistakes. Your self-realization will be possible by turning your curiosity and dreams into action. You do not need to have technical knowledge to take this training! A little excitement, lots of requests are enough! We guarantee your excitement will increase as you learn!

With Arduino projects from simple to complex, you will learn how to use sensors, modules and motors and many more circuit elements with a project-based curriculum. You will also be able to produce your own projects by activating your imagination.

Create your own project and participate in the international robotics competitions!

As a graduate of this program you will also be a member of Tech Study London community and receive a copy of the Classroom resources.


  • Attention! Education contains an overdose of code! Just building a circuit is useless without coding. 
  • By following the steps in the projects throughout the training, you will receive Arduino training with projects from simple to complex, have basic knowledge of the C coding language, 
  • You will learn the general logic of programming languages.

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