Arduino Instructor

Program : 2 lesson per week for 8 weeks

Course time: After school / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner–Advanced

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required. You just need to be able to use the keyboard 🙂

Learning style: Project based learning

Certificate: Official Tech Study London Arduino Teacher Training Certificate

Course Requirements:

  1. Tech Study London Arduino Kit (will be provided to the participants by us)
  2. Mac, Windows PC

Final Project: At the end of the training, all participants will be entitled to receive a certificate by making their own final projects.

Course Description: Our training program for teachers who want to use the Arduino as part of their STEAM curriculum or to create their own innovative projects.

This training is for all educators, who is independent of the branch, who want to be the implementers of the maker philosophy in their school, who adopt production-oriented education as a principle, who are interested in learning and teaching want to cooperate with academic disciplines. And it’s for all adults from all professions who want to take a step in developing projects by programming Arduino and even establish their own workshop!

First of all, you will have an idea about the key points of doing this job. After training, you will be able to start the maker movement in your schools and learn the ways to awaken this excitement in your students and guide them on this path. You will encounter many teaching techniques that have been experienced and successful throughout the training. You will also be able to create your own projects by activating your imagination. We will share teaching methods with you and always support you in your learning journey.

Attention! During the training, you will receive advanced Arduino training, and you will have all the basic information about the C coding language.

Our instructor, Yonca Özgün has been teaching online Arduino courses for years and she is author of Arduino For Teachers and Arduino for Students book and she has helped over thousands of students and teachers from around the world.

As a graduate of this program you will also be a member of Tech Study London community and you will reach our valuable archive.receive a copy of the Classroom resources.


  • What is Arduino?
  • How to program with Arduino IDE?
  • Turn on your led
  • Adjustable light
  • Make your own light feast
  • Control your curriculum with your phone app
  • Tripping robot
  • Write your poem on the screen
  • Ultrasonic parking sensor
  • Photocell light
  • Using different sensors
  • Make your alarm project
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot


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