2D Animation with Adobe Animate

Ages: 14-17

Program : 2 lessons per week for 12 weeks

Course time: After school / Weekends (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner 

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is required.

Certificate: Official Tech Study London 2D Animation Achievement Certificate

Online Course Requirements:

  1. Windows PC or MacBook
  2. Adobe Animate CC and Adobe Media Encoder installed on your computer 
  3. Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conferencing

Course Description: 

You can create rich, interactive graphics and animations for websites, video, apps, games, and more with Adobe Animate CC. In this course, we will learn about basic concepts of animation. First we will create basic hand-drawn flipbook animation and talk about animation basics. Then we will look through principles of animation shortly and create our first project. You will discover what an animatic and how to use it for your storyboard . Then, you will see how to create, design and then animate your characters. 

Course outcomes and content are prepared in line with the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). With the knowledge gained in this course you may take the ACA certification exams and demonstrate your proficiency in Adobe’s industry-leading Creative Cloud apps for video, design, photography and the web.

  • Working in The Animation Industry
    • Basic Terms: purpose of the project, audience, target audience, client
    • Basic Concepts: Copyright, permissions, and licensing 
    • Key terminology related to digital audio and video
    • Basics of animation and interactive media principles
  • Project Setup and Interface
    • Project Settings
    • Application Workspace
    • Importing Assets into a Project
    • Managing Colors, Swatches, Gradients, Brushes and Presets
  • Organization of Documents
    • Managing Layers
    • Layer Visibility
  • Create and Modify Multimedia Elements
    • Core Tools and Features 
    • Manipulating and Animating Text
    • Using Selection Tools
    • Basic Techniques to Manipulate Digital Graphics and Media
    • Effects and Graphic Styles
    • Creating and Modifying Animations
    • Adding Interactive or Dynamic Content
    • Controlling Audio and Video
  • Publishing Digital Media
    • Exporting to Web, Screen and Digital Devices
    • Exporting Assets

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