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Why Everyone In Your Company Needs To Learn How To Code And How To Help Them?

“Everyone in your company should learn coding skills not only because it helps the IT team but because it also provides a way to enhance each person’s careers and make them more of a valuable asset. Essentially, every job is becoming a technical job that requires some type of coding knowledge.” – Forbes

Career Launchers

If you are an early-stage professional and want to start in a high-growth field, that would be a great experience for you. Regardless of your earlier function or experience, you will gain exposure to the full development lifecycle as a launch point.

Career Switchers

If you are a mid- or late-career professional looking to switch to software development, learning to code programs is ideal for you. You may be from marketing, sales, operations, or any other field but will still be able to comprehend and grasp coding concepts easily.
There are no prerequisites for any of them.

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