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With over 22 years of expertise, we’re your partners in transformative learning experiences. At Tech Study UK, we prepare students for success in the dynamic tech landscape through specialized programs:

  • Preparation for Higher Education: Tailored courses ready students for university-level studies in computer science, including AP, A Level, and GCSE preparation.

  • University-Level Courses: Our coding courses empower university students with essential skills for excellence in the field.

  • Robotics & Engineering Camps: Dive into hands-on learning, creating prototypes for your projects, unlocking doors to the best global universities. Enhance problem-solving, teamwork, and creative thinking abilities.

  • Teacher Training: Recognizing educators’ pivotal role, we’ve conducted training for hundreds. Benefit from our specialized programs in coding and robotics.

  • Corporate IT Training: Stay ahead with tailored IT solutions. Equip your workforce with the latest skills to thrive in the tech landscape.

Join us at Tech Study UK, not just an educational platform but the gateway to a future where technology and innovation converge. Shape the future with us.

Diverse Global Community: Our students hail from the UK, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates, reflecting a global commitment to excellence in technology education.

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Benefit from our teaching experiences to discover efficient ways to learn coding.​

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Enhance your credentials with our official certificates for top university applications and job pursuits.

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Invest in your future and carve out a new career path for yourself.

Overcome Fear Of Coding

Coding is not as challenging as you imagine. Delight in the exploration!

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January 28 - April 14 Online United Kingdom, All City United Kingdom

Web Development Course

If you want to take your first steps in becoming a Python developer this course is for you.
30 September 2023 - 4 May 2024 Online United Kingdom, All City United Kingdom

AP Computer Science A

Prepare for AP-CS A exam efficiently to apply to the top universities in the world! This course is for students

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